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    High Density Whole Body Fiber Cement Board

    High-density full-body fiber cement board, A-class environmental protection decorative material, light weight and high strength, self-cleaning and anti-fouling, sound insulation, fireproof and moisture-proof, and convenient installation.



    High density fiber cement board

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    Executive standard: JC/T412.1-2006 "Fiber Cement Slab Part 1: Non-Asbestos Fiber Cement Slab", JG/2T 369-2012 "Non-load-bearing fiber reinforced cement for exterior walls".

    Product composition: low-alkali cement, high-purity quartz sand, perlite and other mineral fillers, plant fibers.

    Model specifications (mm): 2440×1220×9/12/15 (standard size) 3000×1200×t (maximum board width).

    Density: 1.4﹤D≦1.7.

    Water absorption %: ≦28.

    Moisture content %: ≦10.

    Swelling rate %: ≦0.25.

    Flexural strength MPa: ≧15.

    Thermal conductivity: ≦0.25.

    Freeze resistance: No cracking or layering phenomenon after 25 freeze-thaw cycles.

    Impermeability: No wet marks or water droplets appeared on the back of the panel after 24h inspection.

    Environmental evaluation: 100% asbestos-free, no harmful substances to human body.

    Radioactivity: Class A materials, the production, sales and use range are not restricted, in line with the "Limitations of Radionuclides for Building Materials" (GB6566-2001).

    Non-combustibility: Class A non-combustibility conforms to "Classification Method for Combustion Performance of Building Materials" (GB8624).


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